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Ali Şenel talks about how he came to admire deers this much

Updated: Sep 29, 2021

Anyone who follows Ali on social media knows that he has a "thing" for deers. He spends almost all his spare time in pursuit of documenting these elusive creatures. But why deers? How did he come so obsessed about deers? Here is what Ali Şenel has to say about his love of deers:

"I admire deers so much that it's probably more of an obsession than admiration. This started in 2016 when I came across deer tracks in a breath taking forest somewhere around Beypazarı - Bolu border. I followed the tracks and came very close to 3 male deers, successfully photographing them. Seeing them so close for the first time made me realize that despite their enormous size and success to survive in harsh conditions, they were actually very delicate and fragile creatures. They have plenty of enemies, humans being on top of that list. Despite all odds, they somehow manage to survive and they have a poetic beauty."

"I was very close and with my tele lens, I could only get 2 of the males in frame. This symmetrical shot of 2 males looking at me was my first ever deer photo. After that, I found myself looking for deers whenever I could. Autumn is my favorite season and it's also the breeding season for deers. So for the last 4-5 years, I spend a lot of time in forests during autumn listening to males mating calls (more like roars), smelling their musk and going after unique photos of deers."

Ali Şenel and his team will be responsible for all deer related sequences in our coming documentary, which is in progress and will be announced soon.

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