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I love to hitchhike says Merve

Updated: Sep 29, 2021

A lot of people don't get me, including some of my teammates at the office. But I love hitchhiking. What is there not love? It's free, to begin with.

Although being a free method of transportation is a good reason by itself, I love hitchhiking because it is an amazing and an adventurous method of meeting new people. Hitting the road and being on the road constantly is one of the best feelings in the world and when this journey is full of surprises, it presents amazing opportunities.

When you raise your hand and show your thumb, only the people with good stories to tell wants you in their car. They want to tell their stories to a complete stranger because they know that the stranger will not judge them. It's not only the journey you share, it's also the stories that are told during the journey. I love meeting new people, I love hearing their stories. People and their stories are what I invest in in life. Because of that, I prefer to travel by hitchhiking if I have the time.

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