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Murat can't live without mountains

Updated: Sep 29, 2021

Younger of the Gezer Bros, Murat is in love with mountains just like his brother. His aim is to produce more mountain and climbing content.

"I've been into nature sports and camping since I was in high school. What started as mountain biking for fun evolved into serious climbing and camping." says Murat. He thinks mountains are the absolute epitomy of power. "You can climb them and camp on them if they let you. If you are not welcome on mountains, they will not create the proper conditions. Mountains are where egos are tuned and people get adapted to survive."

Murat's favorite animal is the wild goat, he loves watching them in the wild. "It's hard not to admire them. We spend hours and days, using a lot of equipment to climb a mountain, where they run and jump effortlessly, going through places almost impossible for us."

Murat and Burak are keen videographers but they also organize the team logistics, help bringing people and equipment to places.

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