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I want to be an intern at MBF...

Updated: Sep 29, 2021

This is one of the most common messages we get here at Marine Blue Films: "Can I be an intern, do you have an internship program?" Spoiler alert: YES!

Photo by Paul van der Ploeg

If you love documentaries & nature, this post might be for you.

Nature documentaries are a bit different than scripted films or docudramas. We work with much smaller crews and there is a good reason for that. Our actors are the elements of nature and most of them (other than plants of course) tend to run away from movement, sound and smell. We need to keep the filming teams small to be as compact, silent and low impact as possible.

However, we do a lot of other things during a filming assignment. Campsite management, data management (tagging, color coding, backing up etc.), scouting, building filming hides are some of then. They are actually a lot more fun and demanding than they sound. We also have some office jobs as well such as assisting the editing process, research and good old coffee brewing duty.

We really don't care if you are studying a media related subject or not. If you love documentaries and nature, and you want to have some experience in the field, send us an e-mail, say hi and attach your CV along with a couple of sentences regarding what it would mean to be an intern at MBF. We have limited space so apply only if you mean it. See you soon...

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