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Which one do you prefer, a tele lens or a wide angle?

Updated: Sep 29, 2021

We've asked our team their lens preferences and here is what they have to say about the subject.

Photo by Ali Şenel

Tele lenses have always fascinated me more...

Merve says she has always been more fascinated by the captivating images tele lenses produce. She loves how you create images with a very shallow depth of field thus separating the subject and the background dramatically. "I often use a tele lens to produce a shallow depth of field, create optical illusions and emphasise details in ambient light."

Shooting wildlife, tele comes in very handy...

"Depending on the situation, I like wide angle lenses as much as tele lenses. But tele lenses are a must for wildlife documentaries in order to bring your subjects closer without disturbing their natural behaviour." says Bekir. However, he has a passion of shooting stars and one can't do without wide angles in night time photography. If you see a night sky timelapse in one of our videos, chances are high that Bekir is behind that shot.

"I really, really like shooting landscape with a tele lens."

Our director Burak says he likes shooting landscape with a tele lens. "There is something magical and also weird framing a landscape shot with a 600mm super tele lens. Proportions tend to distort, things look way too big or even smaller than they actually are. If I see an impressive view, I try to shoot it with a tele lens to make it even more impressive in the film." says Burak. People who watched his "Namib Desert" documentary will surely understand what he means.

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