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Safety while camping alone

Updated: Sep 29, 2021

I get asked a lot: "Aren't you afraid of camping by yourself?" I'm not afraid at all and here is why.

First rule of camping is being cautious and aware at all times. Fear of nature and camping was seeded in our subconscious by folk tales and movies, it's not rational.

During the day, most animals will avoid you anyway. You are a big, noisy, smelly creature walking around in the forest and they are probably more afraid and confused than you are. If you have a camp fire going, wild animals will avoid you at all costs.

Humans are not really part of the food chain in nature and none of the animals in our part of the world sees us as food. Unprovoked animal attacks are extremely rare in nature and no animal will hunt you down or directly approach you with the purpose of harming. They will either run away or do a mock charge first.

DO NOT corner any animals, especially mothers with young ones. Mother bears or wild boars will protect their offspring at all costs but only if you provoke them. Given enough space, they will go away almost always. If you run into wildlife, DO NOT panic, DO NOT run away and keep very calm. Keep in mind that if not cornered or surprised, all animals will keep away from humans.

During the day, I am very relaxed. No animal will come close to my campsite during broad daylight and even if they did, I would be able to see them. But at night, I am a bit cautious and I don't take any risks. Most predators are nocturnal, they are active at night. They can hear, smell and see much better than I can and usually, they are braver and more curious at night. Leave the night time to wildlife, stay at your campsite, do not leave your food and garbage outside, put them in sealed boxes and keep them locked up. I have never had a predator visit at my campsite and following these simple rules, I don't think I ever will.

Do not be afraid of nature or camping. Be smart, be aware, be cautious and always respect wildlife.

If you want to learn more, here is video where I explain "camping alone & safety".

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